Golden State Warriors news: Durant can leave the team if the team takes the title in 2019

Already this summer the basketball player will become a free agent. The likelihood of striker Kevin Durant’s departure from Golden State will increase if the club wins this season’s championship. Durant’s contract with the Auckland team lasts until June 30, 2019. The 30-year-old striker has the option of renewing for one season, but he is expected to give it up to sign a long-term agreement. This summer, defender Clay Thompson and center Demarkus Cousins ​​will also become free agents. This season, the forward scores 27.6 points, collects 7.0 rebounds, gives 5.9 passes, and also makes 1.1 block shots and 0.8 steals per 35.4 minutes on average per game. Note that in the recent NBA All-Star Game, Durant became MVP. Recall that in the ranking of the highest paid NBA players, he ranks third.

Diallo jumped O’Neal and won the dunk contest

At the NBA Star Match in Charlotte, a traditional master show was held in which the best league players competed in various competitions. In the competition of skill, the best was the striker of “Boston” Jason Tatum, who in the final won a victory over point guard “Atlanta” Trey Young. Boston’s success brought an accurate shot from the middle of the court. The best sniper of the stellar weekend was the forward of “Brooklyn” Joe Harris, who in the finals of the three-pointers realized 26 long shots in one minute. In the decisive round, he defeated recognized truckers, Stephen Curry from Golden State and Buddy Hilda from Sacramento, who scored 24 and 19 accurate shots for the same length of time, respectively.

In the top throws competition, Oklahoma shooting guard Hamidu Diallo was the best. In the first attempt, he scored 48 points, scoring from the transfer of his teammate Russell Westbrook, in the second attempt, the defender jumped over Shaquille O’Neal with a superman symbol on his chest and got 50 points. In the decisive attempt Diallo scored 45 points, which was enough to win.

The Golden State has not yet had such vulnerability

Golden State Warriors has a talented star cast. This team actually gives prematurely champion title. However, how great is the starlight starter “Warriors”, so terrible is their bench. Hoopshabit observers believe that because of the huge problems on the bench, the Golden State risks not winning the title and falling into the playoffs. Before Durant’s transition, the second link of the “Warriors” was a huge source of power, capable of working wonders on the court and “solving” some segments in any game. The team invented the slogan “Strength in numbers” during the playoffs for their ability to release 10 quality bench players. Shaun Livingston revived his career. Leandro Barbosa was able to score as many points as he was given minutes. In the end, Andre Iguodala was the MVP of the NBA Finals in 2015. The Warriors had superstars, but their victories were ultimately based on teamwork. The merit of the front office is that the undervalued signings of reservists had a huge impact. As soon as Kevin Durant arrived at the team, everything changed. The Warriors had to sacrifice all the valuable bench players to make room for their new star player. Given Durant’s talent, this is a compromise that the team was obliged to accept. Durant level players must be signed in any case. As a result, the “Golden State” bench became a walk-through yard with a minimum number of experienced players.

This problem only intensified when Cousins ​​appeared, as it took most of the little money that the Golden State could spend in the summer, shaping the depth of the lineup that plays in this championship. The duet of Livingstone and Iguodala continues to provide veteran credibility, but if you look deeper into the bench, you can see a combination of bankrupt young players and people from the D-League. The general manager, Bob Myers, managed to find several undervalued players, but there is no stability from these and there will not be. Even the veteran Iguodala goes through multiple recessions. In addition, at age 35, injuries became commonplace for him. Head coach Steve Kerr is trying to counteract this imbalance, flirting with at least two stars on the court, but this scenario still leaves most unqualified players on the floor in the Golden State. Such a rotation raises more questions than answers. In the playoffs, most teams, as a rule, reduce their rotation, devaluing the importance of reservists. Time saving power has passed. The point is to keep your best players on the court for as long as possible to create the highest chance of winning.

Only this team of “Warriors” is not similar to most of the contenders in the playoffs. They hope to reach the fifth consecutive NBA Finals, spending the most energy starters in the short post-season gap. Therefore, if one of the stars fails, the Golden State, in fact, has fairly high chances to stop playing in the playoffs long before the final round. Whatever may be said about the talent of the stars, but to trust such guys as Alfonso MacKinni and Jordan Bell is not very encouraging. If the opponents are smart enough, they will choose them as the main pain point of the Warriors. The “Golden State” is now the second worst result in scoring among bench players. Warriors will not be able to demand any heroic help from the bench, which makes them vulnerable. Having accumulated high-level stellar talent, the Warriors sacrificed. A squad outside the starting five must be of some benefit, using creative methods and resisting other top teams, even if one of the reservists is forced to play the last minutes. It is likely that weakness on the bench will not prevent the Golden State from winning the fourth title in the last five years. Star Warriors players are just very good. However, one should not be surprised to see how the “Golden State” pushes on a putb to the title significantly more than in previous years.

Quinn Cook may be a factor in Dyurent’s possible transition to the Knicks

Playmaker “Warriors” Quinn Cook could be one of the conditions for Kevin Dyurant’s possible transition to the Knicks in the off-season 2019. Agent Dyurent Rich Kleiman can join the front office of “New York” if the MVP of the 2019 All-Star Game agrees to sign a contract with the team. Another wish of the star “Golden State” may be the transition Cook. Dyurint and Cook are long-time friends.

Golden State will try to sign Yannis Adetokumbo in 2021 if Kevin Dyurint leaves the team

According to The Athletic columnist Marcus Thompson, Golden State will try to sign Milwaukee leader Yannis Adetokumbo as a free agent in 2021 if by that time Kevin Dyurent leaves the team. Recall that this summer Dyurent will be able to enter the market of free agents. Many experts predict his transition to another team; the most frequently mentioned option is “New York”. The current Adetokumbo agreement with Milwaukee is valid until 2021.

Golden State set NBA record for playoff wins

The Golden State can finish the playoffs without a single defeat, if the Cavaliers win in the next two matches. The victory over the “Cleveland Cavaliers” (132: 113) in the second match of the final series was the 14th in a row for the Golden State Warriors in the current playoff draw. Thus, the Californian club set a league record for this indicator. The Golden State can finish the playoffs without a single defeat if the Cavaliers win the next two matches that will be held in Cleveland. The best performance in the playoffs at the moment belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers, who won the championship in the 2000/01 season, having suffered only one defeat. As part of the regular NBA championship, regular meetings were held. In the next match of the NBA regular season game, the Golden State Warriors won a crushing home victory over the Portland Trail Blazers – 125: 97.

The most productive player of the meeting was the forward of winners Kevin Durant, who collected 32 points (also 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 losses). 31 points are on Clay Thompson’s score. Quinn Cook scored 19 points, implementing 5 of 8 shots from beyond the arc. In the “Portland” 23 points scored Damien Lillard, 22 – Yusuf Nurkich, 19 – CJ McCollum. “Warriors” (13-7) interrupted a series of four defeats and climbed to 3rd place in the Western table of the tournament. For the guests (12-7) this is the second defeat in a row, they are the sixth. Forward “Golden State Warriors” Kevin Durant after winning (125: 97) in the home game of the regular national championship of the National Basketball Association with the Portland Trail Blazers shared his opinion on the team’s problems.

“I do not believe that everything should end at some point just like that. In the NBA, I do not believe in fairy tales and emotions. It will not end until we go to the floor and impose our will, as today. Tomorrow nothing will happen just like that. We have to play with the same passion and energy as in today’s match,” ESPN quotes Durant. Winning the match with Portland helped the Golden State to interrupt a series of defeats in four games. The club from Auckland ranks fourth in the Western Conference standings.