Top Players

In this article, let’s see who are that very players of Golden State Warriors team who delight the fans, and the squad to other victories.

Andrew Bogut

How did he get to the club: we remember the Monty Ellis exchange again? The contract of Monta was calculated until 2013, and the Golden State wisely assessed the prospects of Ellis in a young team, the future of which was tied to two other defenders. The club needed a protective “big one” since all David Lee’s defensive skills on the defensive were limited to a boring gaze. And in the spring of 2012, Ellis went to Milwaukee in exchange for Andrew Bogut. This trade shows well the foresight of the Warriors management. Ellis was traded in advance, not waiting for the value of his expiring contract to be close to zero. Bogut was seriously injured, but FGPs were ready to wait for his recovery (the Australian came out at the start of the 12/13 season, but had to go for a second operation, and he returned to service only in January, almost a year after the exchange). Despite health issues, Bogut was then extended to 2017. Andrew’s synergy with Draymond in the defense allowed the wards then still Mark Jackson to become one of the best NBA defense teams, and not so long ago they were hanging out at the end of the list for missing points.

How to conduct the play-offs: during the series with “Oklahoma” Steve Kerr begged Bogut: do not type stupid fouls, we need you. With Bogut’s return for big minutes, the FGP’s comeback in the series began – when the light death five did not work, Kerr switched to the heavy version with Bogut. The presence of Andrew allows the “Warriors” to choose how to destroy an opponent – you can run across, and you can mash, crush, strangle.

The situation with the contract: it will work during next year for which Andrew will earn a little over 11 million. But this summer, the Warriors have the opportunity to extend it in advance right up to 2020 (with a starting salary in the season 17/18 not more than 12 million).

Harrison Barnes

How to get to the club: Barnes is one of Golden State Warriors players who became a team player thanks to a coin. The season 2011/12 FGP and Toronto completed with the same number of victories, dividing the seventh place from the end, therefore their place in the table (according to which the draft line is formed) was determined by drawing lots. The Golden State won and then remained in its seventh place in the lottery. In their situation, this was critical: the eighth peak and below would have to be given to the Nets following the results of the trade already in 2008, when FGPs received, it is terrible to remember, the rights to Marcus Williams. And under this lucky number seven, the Warriors took Harrison Barnes. The once best US basketball student could not stun the public in the first season in college, decided to stay for the second season and eventually fell in the draft in 2012 to the 7th peak (in 2011 he was rated at least in the top 5). But those FGPs are just such players that are needed – as much college experience as possible, as little as possible flattering grades from other teams. Barnes immediately tried on the tasks of the role player: defend him in all positions, throw a three-pointer from the corner, help with the selection, get off the bench, if necessary. His statistics all four years fluctuate around 10 + 5 – can Barnes reach a new level and in which team will this happen?

How to conduct play-off: controversial. On the one hand, the performance did not shine even in the absence of Curry, the best game in attack (18 points) dimmed compared with the fact that it was the third match against Kevs (defeat), in which LeBron scored 32. On the other hand, is it worth asking for more from Barnes in this team when he constantly has to play against Dyurint or LeBron?

The situation with the contract: this summer, many clubs will be ready to go for overpayments, because a) the ceiling will rise sharply and b) it will grow even sharper in 2017. Not only do most teams have the opportunity to issue the maximum contract, so this max also , concluded in 2016, will be significantly less than the maximum speed in 2017. Therefore, a variety of teams will offer the contract to Barnes in the amount of 93 million for 4 years. The Golden State has the opportunity to offer similar conditions to Barnes, or to wait until he signs a contract with another team and repeat the offer, leaving the player with him. The question is, how much does the Warriors rate Barnes and are they ready to make him the highest-paid team player for the next season and the second most expensive player for the 17/18 season and beyond (after Curry)?

Draymond Green

How to hit the club: Green can name in order of 34 players selected in the draft before him (including Barnes). You just try to remember three dozen players from the draft 2012 – you are unlikely to succeed. Draymond’s choice became the quintessence of the Warriors strategy – while the rest of the clubs are chasing the first-year students in the draft, the words “One-End-Dan” and “Upside” warm up the general managers, and the phrase “started playing basketball only 15 years old” is considered not disadvantage, but dignity, FGP chose Curry and Thompson, who played three years for the NCAA, and then Green, a graduate of the Michigan State. At the same university Magic Johnson once shone. Green made a modest debut – 3 points, 3 rebounds on average in the first season, but increased these numbers to 16 + 11 (and almost 4 assistants) in the graduation year. But no one expected that in the NBA Draymond will recruit triple doubles, like Magic. The development in the NBA was similar to Green’s student career: a deep spare in the first season, a player in the second rotation, a starter in the third, and a star in the fourth. Green’s super-versatility turned him into a point forward (or even a point-center), which for the second year in a row is recognized as the second in the defense league – 34 players from the 2012 draft can only envy Dreymond’s successes. And they can all remember his name for sure.

How to conduct play-offs: “the heart and soul of the Warriors (these are the words of Cleveland’s coach Tyrona Liu) really became the ringleader of the team in the absence of Curry. Yes, and in the presence too. Despite the fact that the range of Draymond’s speeches ranged from the “ambippy” to the “choker”, it is the mood of the FGP this year that depends most of all on his mood. When he is not distracted by the opponent’s strikes in the groin and other sensitive places, Green becomes the focal point of the Warriors tactics, where anyone can create a mismatch in attack and no one is afraid of mismatch in defense. But yet another sky-basketball and completely unnecessary gestures of Green led to the fact that the league found a reason to remove him from the fifth game of the final. The one in which his team can lift the trophy on their heads (although without Green it will be difficult to achieve victory over Kevs against the wall). And Draymond himself does not even have the right to attend this game.

The situation with the contract: valid until 2020 – another 68 million over four seasons (exactly the same contract with Tristan Thompson in Cleveland). In a year, Green’s contract will be almost half the maximum – and this will allow Curry to be quietly re-signed and perhaps not even pay a luxury tax in the 17/18 season. But a lot depends on the previous character.

Festus Izeli

How to get to the club: one of those 34 players who are listed by Draymond from memory is his teammate Festus Izeli, who was chosen as the 30th number. As we can see, the 2012 draft is the best in the history of the Warriors, no doubt. And if Barnes is luck (hello for a coin, as well as Cleveland and Sacramento), and Green is a unique case, then Izeli’s choice makes that draft almost flawless. Once upon a time, the Warriors had already chosen middle-aged Nigerian ancestry – but Eppay Yudo was taken on the eighth draft. Despite the failure, the club decided to find an athletic, large centering, a little lumberjack, but at least a lumberjack strong. Spending the last peak of the first round on it is not at all the same thing as spending the eighth. FGP needed a backup for Bogut. They chose between Festus, Bernard James and Justin Hamilton and chose the right one.

How to conduct play-offs: Speetsu loses minutes and sometimes even Varejao. Athleticism in the front line of the FGP this year was not needed – although if the Clippers had not broken in the first round, we probably would have seen more of Festus in the West semi-finals.

Contract situation: Like Barnes, Iseli will be a limited free agent this summer. Name Festus will participate in the big roundabout pivot off-season 2016, and someone will surely offer him a contract that seems to be “Warriors” too bold. “Oklahoma” last year repeated the maximum speed spare centering Kanter; The Warriors are now in a similar situation with Izeli. Not to repeat the contract means to lose a player who is valued in the league. Repeating the contract means getting a big tax receipt from the league in June 2017, without being able to exchange Festus during the 16/17 season. Probably the best option for Golden State is to negotiate with Festus, his agent and the interested team in the sign and trade, to part with the player, but to receive some compensation for it.

Andre Igudala

How to get to the club: two deals defined a career Igudala. In 2012, he became part of Howard’s grand exchange, but if Dwight went from Orlando to Los Angeles, then Andre changed Philadelphia to Denver. It is not known how Iggy’s career developed further at Sixers with the arrival of Hinky and Process. And in a single season in Denver, Igudala managed to run into the playoffs against his future employer, the Golden State Warriors.

Due to the Curry contract and the Bogut exchange, the FGP did not have the necessary place to sign the contract with Andre in 2013, but the management ventured to give two unprotected peaks in 2014 and 2017 in Utah. “Warriors” were not going to wait until the payment was released itself. They took a chance, realizing that a vital player is available to them. When Steve Kerr joined the coaching post, he took a different risk: he sent the team’s best defender perimeter to the bench. Igudala first took this step without enthusiasm, but the skills of the point forward were badly needed in the second five teams. In the end, Iggy still played, becoming part of the “five of death” with Steph, Clay, Barnes and Green. The crown of this transformation was the MVP award of the 2015 final. It, however, Andre earned in the role of a start player. Here is another hidden FGP weapon – when you need to change something, you can always translate Igudala into the start and rely on his incredibly fast hands, like a magician’s.

How to conduct the play-offs: this time, the heroism of Igudala is not required in the final, but it was he who defended Dyurint in key moments of the previous series in those matches when the “warriors” were on the brink of the abyss. This is not visible in the minutes or highlights, but Andre’s merit in the “Warriors” victories is much more than is commonly believed.

The situation with the contract: replace in the paragraph about Bogut “Andrew” to “Andre” and get an identical story about Igudala. FGP probably would like to extend their best staffer in order not to release it to the market of free agents in 2017, although Iggy will then be 33.

Marris Speets

How did he get to the club: after the Warriors cleared the bad contract billing in 2013, they had a place not only for Igudala, but also for his former teammate in Philadelphia. The team’s current bagmen — Bogut and Lee — needed some spare, because Festus missed the season after the operation, and the choice fell on Jermaine O’Neal and Speights, but since Jermain himself was not entirely healthy, Speets understood that he was playing get it. At the new location, “Mo Bucketts” discovered a pull to the shots from the perimeter (this is contagious) and became a rare variant of the “sixth player” – the center one, focused on attack. Last season, Marris scored 10 points on average in just 16 minutes on the floor,

How to conduct the play-offs: Speights plays crumbs of time, but ruthlessly attacks the ring, as if an attacker has moved into him: more often than not, nobody throws in this software in the Warriors. Marris makes a throw every 100 seconds on the floor and every third now – from beyond the arc.

The situation with the contract: the continuation of cooperation with Speights will depend on two things: 1) resolving the situation with Izeli and 2) the appetites of Marris himself, who becomes a free agent.

Shaun Livingston

How he got to the club: four people from Cleveland -2013 are now working at FGP: this is assistant coach Luke Walton, as well as Speights, Varejao and Sean Livingston. The history of the latter is unusual – the point guard entered the league right from school, hung on all sides with huge advances, could not immediately confirm them in the Clippers simply because of age and inexperience, and then survived the terrible trauma that left him two years off game. After the trials of various teams (“Warriors” – this is his ninth club), he was able to gain confidence in Brooklyn in the unexpected role of an attacking defender, easily beating guardians in a unique style – half-sided, half-back to the ring . But “Brooklyn” because of problems with the billing was not a single chance to save Livingstone. His success in the Nets, including in the playoffs, attracted the attention of the Warriors, who gave Sean a three-year contract – the first long-term contract in his life, not counting the novice contract. For two seasons in the “Warriors” Livingston missed only 8 games, which removed all questions about his health. Livingston and the medical headquarters are doing everything they can to keep the knee from failing Sean. The basketball player, whose career almost ended at the age of 21, who was threatened with amputation, who had to learn to walk again, now plays an important role in the champion team. And this is the best champion story, which is often lost in talking about records, about Splash Brothers, about Draymond’s emotions and stumbling invincible players about Igudala’s personal defense. When after many years you will remember the great team of “Warriors” of the second half of the 2010s, do not forget about Shaun Livingstone.

How to conduct the play-offs: for some advanced metrics, it is Livingston – the most valuable player in this final. It is incredibly effective both in defense and in attack. Of course, these indicators were strongly influenced by the performance of Sean in the very first game – but who said that it was not significant? Livingston was the best player in the match, which set the tone for the entire series. In addition, in 6 games of this software, when Curry was absent, his backup gained 13 + 5 on average.

The situation with the contract: the next season, Sean is entitled to a salary of 5.8 million, of which three are guaranteed until June 30 of this year. You can be sure that Livingstone will not deduct and he will spend another season in the role of curry mate. And maybe longer – both point guards become free agents in 2017, and both would like to retain the management of the “warriors”.

Leandro Barbosa

How did he get into the club: in 2012, Boston collected equipment for his last trip and invited the Brazilian Blot to the team. As a result, Barbosa became one of many for whom the season at the Celtics ended sadly – in February he tore a cruciate ligament of the knee. Half the next season, Leandrinho scored form in Brazil, after the New Year got a chance at Phoenix and broke his arm. We needed a team that believed in Leandro such the Warriors was. Barbosa not only won the championship season 2014/15, but also extended the contract for another year – and now has a chance to become a two-time NBA champion.

How to conduct the play-offs: for the entire series with Oklahoma, Barbosa scored only 13 points. But the first three games of the final consisted of 11 points (5 of 5), 10 points (5 of 7), and 8 points. In the fourth, the veteran received a rest, and there was simply no opportunity to remove someone from the trio Curry-Thompson-Livingston from the floor.

The situation with the contract: after a serious injury and return to Brazil, many put an end to the defender, but he so successfully joined the FGP that they would try to keep him. If both parties are interested in continuing cooperation, then there will be no problems with salaries: thanks to Byrd’s early rights, Brazilians can be offered a salary of up to 6 million a year.

Brandon Rush

How to get to the club: this is the second appearance of Rush in the Golden State. Formerly, the draft pick for the first time moved to the Warriors in 2011, a year later it received a worthy contract for 8 million for two seasons and then tore the “crosses”. In 2014, Rush again signed with FGP – but already for a minimum contract. Brandon almost did not play in the first season of his return (less than a point per game on average), but in the second he successfully replaced injured Barnes at the start – this allowed the coaching staff to make regular replacements, not to break the reserve five, and the Warriors quietly continued walking on the way to 73-9. Rush himself in his short return to the start of the NBA team got almost 50% of his three-pointers, for which he was valued.